Private data will fuel the next AI wave

Have You Started Leveraging Your Data With LLMs?

If you are not using specific & hyper-local Generative AI solutions to develop or enhance business applications, you are missing out on a critical business opportunity.

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The struggle is real

Most of your data is a mess!

Most organizations have a lot of data that can be monetized. But unfortunately, few have it ready to use with large language models (LLMs).

Every organization should be analyzing their data from data sensitivity, attribution and categorization perspectives. Ideally, each data set or document should be clearly identified as:

  • proprietary (internal) or industry specific data;
  • internally or externally generated;
  • type of data (using taxonomies based on organization’s data usage or monetization purposes; e.g. sales data or marketing data, board memos or operational memos).

Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not reality.

The opportunity

Do you understand the value of your organization's data?

The big winners of the AI wave will not be application developers, but those organizations who can put large amounts of proprietary data to work by

  • building specific AI models that improve generic models;
  • using proprietary data for their own hyper-local fine tuned AI models;
  • monetizing raw industry data via volume based APIs not bulk licensing;
  • sustaining the development of specific industry AI models.

Are you ready for this opportunity?

DIY instructions

Power up your private or industry LLMs using your data

Properly segmented private data can power up internal GenAI tools that support your organization (hyper-local AI), or external GenAI tools that are the basis for an entire industry (specific AI).

Internal solutions are highly personalized and use proprietary data, which is why segmentation is critical. These systems can provide the basis for bots, virtual assistants, or internal platforms that support managements decisions, new hire onboarding, business insights and analysis, and more.

External solutions can power up systems that go above and beyond traditional business. Beyond sales and marketing techniques (e.g. lead generation), you can generate new revenue streams from commercial LLMs.

Ready to lead your industry?

Ready for a self-assessment?

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We’ve created a simple framework for assessing your current stage in developing GenAI tools using your data. You can download it for free, share it with your organization. And let’s have a conversation and we can advise you on what are the next critical steps to consider.

Ready to start?

We can help with the first steps

Let’s review your business and current GenAI challenges together and determine what is the opportunity for you, and what would the journey look like.

We can help you make an inventory of where the data resides in your organization, what type of data you have in each system, how relevant it is, how sensitive it is, and what could it be used for. This will be the basis for creating a data usage & monetization plan for GenAI.

Furthermore, we can help you build a cloud or on-premise platform that can connect to your systems, analyze your content, propose attribution and labelling, tokenize content, manage licenses and access restrictions and generate data distribution channels for monetization.

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