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Talent sourcing is often a time-consuming and frustrating activity. We use AI to find the best senior & lead tech candidates, ready to interview with you!

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The recruiter mindset

Discover what matters

How much experience do they have? What’s their average tenure along their career? Do they have enough experience in Fintech? Are they likely to switch jobs or shouldn’t we bother?

We calculate and display these automatically so you can find the relevant people at a glance. On top of this, our AI algorithm predicts whether someone might be open to a new job opportunity!

Work history

Relevant roles and companies

Does the candidate have experience in SaaS or Fintech? What about service companies or product companies? What technologies did they use in the past three years

We surface these details for you so you don’t have to dig through piles of resumes.

True experience

Technical & leadership skills

How much experience do they have in Python, Rails, or Java? What about Agile methodologies or design patterns? Would they be a good fit for a management role?

LinkedIn Skills are not relevant, as they are unsolicited endorsements from people. We go deeper into discovering the technologies a company uses, and the skills the candidate uses in their workplace, to calculate true experience.

Real work

Communities & contributions

Is this a passionate engineer? What’s their level of JavaScript skill? Do they contribute to any Open Source projects? Are they influential members of any software community, future leaders, or just followers?

We source data from 50+ data sources, including communities like GitHub, to find hidden talent.

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