personalized recruitment outreach

Improve your candidate response rates

We create highly personalized messages for each candidate that allows recruiters to double their conversations.

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Candidate tailored messages

Create a candidate experience that attracts the right talent

We use machine learning and natural language algorithms to precisely understand the background, experience, and skills of each candidate.

Our system then creates personalized outreach messages that focus on candidate-role-company fit.

You can create custom templates for different roles and see your response rates increase.

personalized messages for LinkedIn

Access insights, job fit and personalized messages when browsing LinkedIn profiles

Using the Qualibro chrome extension you can access insights on a candidate directly in their LinkedIn profile.

Use our proprietary data points, skills insights, profile metrics, and matching score with your open positions, to generate personalized messages.

more than just candidate data

Understand a candidate's background and fit

Our algorithm matches data from the candidate profile with data from the companies they worked for. We are able to understand industry experience and create a relationship of culture match based on companies you know share your values.

It is easier to attract passive candidates to your team when you can talk to them about cultural fit potential as well.

integrate with your systems

Use Qualibro's personalized messages with your ATS

Do you use an ATS for reaching out to candidates? Maybe a CRM? Custom internal tools? We have it all covered.

Our API allows you to move information between systems without effort and use them easily in your day-to-day outreach.

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