AI Predictive Analytics for HR Teams

Find out who is more likely to leave your team soon.

On average it costs a company 6 to 9 months of an employee's salary to replace them. With Qualibro you can actively prevent attrition.

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Employee level insights

Qualibro runs an analysis of public data found on profiles linked to your organization and generates individual-level insights for each person.

Our AI algorithm predicts whether someone might be open to a new job opportunity based on existing data available as well as changes to public profiles over time!

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Company-wide retention analytics

Recruiters use tools to predict who is most likely to leave. Those candidates are the ones to receive most interview offers.

Stay on top by measuring the potential attrition of an employee from a recruitment perspective.

We surface department and company-wide details for you so you can focus on the main departments and areas that may be vulnerable.

reduce attrition by discovering

Your best internal candidates for a role

Do you have open positions that are harder to fill? Do you have candidates internally that are at risk of leaving? Do they match the open positions?

Qualibro makes it easy to match internal candidates at risk of leaving with open positions. Manage retention while helping your teams advance their careers.

we refresh the data frequently so that

HR teams have the latest retention insights

We rescan the web frequently so you can be up to date with key developments. We also recalculate our scores every month to stay up to date with critical attrition events such as work anniversaries.

We source data from 50+ data sources, including communities like GitHub, to understand new developments.

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