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We aggregate data about people and companies from 50+ sources, then use Artificial Intelligence to find the best fit candidates for any role.

Search for candidates
public data analysis done right

Candidate level insights

Qualibro runs an extensive analysis of public data found for each profile. It then maps out skills, leadership roles, and departments for each position within a profile to generate a complex analysis that gives you granular individual-level insights for each person.

Our AI algorithm understands technologies and roles and can perform complex mixed searches that provide the exact applicants meeting your recruitment criteria!

We cut in half the time lost reviewing candidates that do not match your search. 

relevancy scores for candidates

Connect with candidates more likely to respond

Qualibro algorithms analyze each profile to determine the likelihood of a person engaging with a recruiter. The score considers tenures, profile descriptions as well as public activity of a candidate to predict who is most likely to respond to a request for an interview.


role-profile relevancy score

Understand how well a profile matches with your job descriptions

Once you set up a job description we will generate an ideal profile. Qualibro then uses the criteria from this profile to understand how well each person in our database matches your ideal candidate.

You can review internal and external candidates against the relevancy score and engage with those that best fit.

Prioritize your outreach and efforts to get results faster.


Candidate tailored messages

Create a candidate experience that attracts the right talent

We use machine learning and natural language algorithms to precisely understand the background, experience, and skills of each candidate.

Our system then creates personalized outreach messages that focus on candidate-role-company fit.

You can create custom templates for different roles and see your response rates increase.

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